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Milenge Milenge Review

Kareena Kapoor...Priya Malhotra
Shahid Kapoor...Immy Kappor

Plot Summary:
The film starts out with a idealist Priya(Kareena) who believes that she really does have a soulmate out somewhere, and refuses to give in. One day Priya and her friends go to see a tarot card reader, and the woman tells Priya that she will meet her soulmate, in just a few days on a beach in a foreign country. Priya immediately ignores the psychic because she has no way to get to a foreign country, let alone meet her soulmate on a beach, but little does she know, she was selected to attend a conference with her college in Bangkok. While in Bangkok she meets Immy(Shahid) who is also a student at the conference. He is a crazy party guy, complete opposite of Priya, but they meet on the beach and she becomes convinced that he is the one. Immy learns of Priya's high standards and is determined to woo her so he steals her diary and starts becoming her perfect man. They are completely in love until Priya finds out what he did, and she decides to test destiny and put Immy up to 3 tasks to see if they were really meant to be. The first is to go to the same floor in the hotel randomly, the second is to find a book with Priya's number on it which Immy is supposed to find, and the third is his number on a rupee note, which Priya is to find. If they happen to find these things it means they are meant to be together and if they don't they they must say goodbye forever. They both move on and three years later, they each find their allotted items and fall in love again.

I had been looking forward to this film for many years before it came out, and I must say I was disappointed when I finally saw it. The film is probably the last to costar Kareena and Shahid after their big breakup, despite their magnetic on screen chemistry. The film had originally been made a couple years ago, right after Jab We Met, but due to many set backs the film just came out in 2010. I was praying that this movie would be another Jab We Met, amazing and full of life but that was not the case. The plot was boring, and it made Kareena look like such a cold hearted person, who just leaves the love of her life indefinitely because she wanted to test him. Shahid was a jerk, who was really trying to be like Raj from DDLJ or something, but it didn't work. To bland storyline was not only forced but almost annoying to watch with all the 'almost finding that rupee/book, but the person didn't notice' situation. I think if this film had not received so much hype over the years and just came out randomly it would have been a fine movie to just go and see, but to wait a couple years to see such a cookie cutter movie was disappointing. I wouldn't recommend going out of your way to watch the movie, but if its on t.v. or something go ahead and watch it because after all it still is Kareena and Shahid together again. Overall this film was boring and predictable and not what it should have been.

All of the songs sound very similar, but I did like them. There was no techno-remix songs which was rather refreshing and it was just good old Bollywood music. The theme song 'Milenge Milenge' is very haunting and melodic and the others are all kind of take offs of it. The music videos are what you would expect, all very Bollywoody, but not in an exciting way. I think my favorite song from this film was 'Ishq Ki Gali' it really good vocals and is super romantic! So I would definitely say the one good thing about this film was the music, its some nice Bollywood music that you can always listen to.


It has been a long year since I've updated Bolly Beat, but life has transitioned and now I feel like its time to start updating on Bollywood again! I read all of your posts over the past year and really appreciate the love from my readers!!! There is no theater that plays Bollywoods near where I live anymore, so it will be much harder to get reviews in the day the films come out, but it will happen. I am so excited to bring readership back and rekindle our love for BOLLYWOOD!!

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