Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dilli 6 & Billo Barber

Their newest promos are out!! Here Dilli 6 is, a short trailer, but the official will be out in a week. We also noticed that the name has been changed from "Dilli 6" to "Delhi 6", supposedly the first spelling was not auspicious enough for either Abhishek or Sonam. And finally Sonam is in her second film, it has been a while since we saw her Saawariya, hopefully she will be just as good in Delhi 6! Comes out February 20th 2009.

and here is Billo Barber's newest trailer with Shah Rukh looking FANTASTIC!! We can't wait for all these Bollybabes special appearances! Comes out February 13th, 2009.

The review for Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi will be out tomorrow!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I just re-discovered this really good song from Dosti! Friends Forever, starring Akshay Kumar, Bobby Deol, Kareena Kapoor and Lara Dutta! Its really good and dancey, so have a listen:

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Okay so I know this is a little late, but I watched the first half of Yuvvraaj and was SO disappointed. First what completely turned me off was Katrina Kaif's OBVIOUSLY dubbed voice. They didn't even try to find a voice that sounded like hers, and honestly I think if she really wanted to, she could speak hindi for the film. Both her and Salman's acting were sub-par, and the plot line was really stupid. Like I really was not interested in seeing how Salman's jerk character would try and steal money from his mentally retarded brother (Anil Kapoor). The songs were bad, and it was just over all a really boring film from what I saw. I couldn't even finish the film, thats why I am not doing a complete review. I was really sad that it was bad because I expected a lot better from both Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan.

It's almost that time...

For Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi! We are soo excited to see King Khan in a new avatar and film, and are very curious to see Anushka Sharma in her first film, and to see if Aditya Chopra still has the magic! Here is the new song promo for Dance Pe Chance:

Monday, November 24, 2008

Ghajini's new song promo

This promo has Aamir Khan sporting 6 new avatars!!! Ghajini releases on the 25th of December and is supposed to be an action/romance story, so we are very curious to see how it turns out! This is the film that Aamir went bald-with-the-curving-line-on-his-head film, but it seems like he has had that hairstyle FOREVER!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dostana Review

Abhishek Bachchan...Sam
John Abraham...Kunal
Priyanka Chopra...Neha
Bobby Deol...Abhi

Two guys, Sam and Kunal, are living in Miami and looking for an apartment, and they both show up at the same house trying to get the room. The landlady won't let them move in because they are men, and so they decide to pretend to be a gay couple to get the apartment. The apartment really is the landlady's niece's, Neha, and she is going to share with the renters. Both Sam and Kunal immediately fall in love with her, but they keep up their gay act because they love the apartment. Quickly all three of them become best friends, they do everything with each other and its all really fun! Then Neha starts to fall in love with her new boss, Abhi, and both Sam and Kunal become really jealous and try to end Abhi and Neha's relationship. They end up breaking them up, and reveal to Neha that they both really love her and that they are not gay. She gets really pissed and is like you guys are not my friends anymore. So everyone is sad, and then they finally get Abhi and Neha back togeather and everyone is friends again.

This was such a silly, yet entertaining film. I felt it really was using all the stereotypes of gays in the book, but they did it in a non offensive way. The whole film was really just about Sam and Kunal's relationship as a fake gay couple, and Priyanka Chopra always seemed like the third wheel. Abhishek is HILARIOUS in the film and John is BEAUTIFUL. I think my favorite thing about the film was their clothing. Everyone was so stylish and colorful, especially Abhishek, when he first got out of his pink convertible in the beginning during 'Shut up and bounce' his Christian Audigier shoes almost killed me! Bobby Deol was really an dull character, and he looked really beat in comparison to John and Abhishek, who sparkled. I thought the John and Abhishek pairing was great and they were really fun and got into their characters. I think you should defiantly watch this film if you are in need of a good, silly laugh and really don't take the film seriously. I was impressed with debut director Tarun Mansukhani, and I am curious as to what kind of film he will come out with next! So overall I enjoyed this film despite its stupid humor and light plot.

I liked about half of the songs from the movie, but I really wished there were more! I think there was defiantly more opportunities in the film for more music videos, but there wasn't! I really liked 'Shut up and bounce' Shilpa Shetty's item number, but I was shocked when I saw her because she really looked old. I also really liked the 'Maa da laadla' remix at the credits, its really dancey and good.
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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dostana Opening

As we all know, Dostana opened on friday, and here are some pics and interviews of the superstar cast at the film's press conference!

The review for Dostana will be in on Monday!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fashion Review

Priyanka Chopra...Meghna Mathur
Arjan Bajwa...Manaav
Arbaaz Khan...Abhijit Sarin

A girl strives to be a supermodel so she moves to Mumbai and starts working her way up the ladder. She finally becomes a supermodel, but at the cost of losing all of her loved ones and kicking another model out of the business. She becomes overconfident and has an affair with her boss. From there everything goes down hill and she has to regain control of her life in order to survive. She realizes that her life isn't as glamorous as she had always dreamed of it. 

I was really surprised by this film. I was expecting something overacted and not very interesting, and I was kind of sad that it was not going to be good. But then I watched it and was pleasantly surprised. Priyanka Chopra was really good in it and I am really happy for her because things have not been going good with any of her films this year. Love Story 2050 was a flop, Drona was a flop, but I think Fashion is a sucess. It was really interesting seeing the inside of the fashion world according to bollywood and I really liked the characters. The problems were real, but of course exaggerated wonderfully, and it was fun to watch. The subject was kind of sad but I really liked watching it. I think the main problem was there there wasn't any music videos. There is like a montage with Meghna and her first love interest Maanav, but that is it. So I wish there was more music, but it wasn't painful not having it there. I would recommend this film to any one really, its not too bollywood but it still  was good. 

Like I said before, there isn't much music in it, but there was a theme song that they played in all of the fashion shows and as background music. The best song was the montage one, Mar Jawaan.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Golmaal Returns Review

Kareena Kapoor...Ekta
Ajay Devgan...Gopal

Gopal is married to a very suspious wife, Ekta, who watches too many tv serials and is constantly think Gopal is having an affair.One night Gopal rescues a woman from getting gang raped and then both of their cars break down and so they end up spending the night together on his friends yacht, Ekta almost dies of worry and is very suspicious of him when he comes home the next morning. Then his coworker is murdered and Gopal becomes the primes suspect and it becomes a chase for the girl he spent the night with so she can give him an alibi.

I was SO disappointed with this movie. I thought it was so stupid and I felt my brain cells slowly dying while I was watching this in the theater. The summary is so short because that really is all that happened. NOTHING! I wanted to die every time Ekta's brother Lucky came on screen because he was supposed to be dumb, but he just sounded like a high pitched animal the whole film. My ears were cringing by the end. The sad thing was that there were only 3 MUSIC VIDEOS IN IT!! What is that about???!?!?! Okay so the opening song, Vacancy, then thrown into the middle was Tha Kar Ke, it didn't fit into the story at all and it was just really random but it was the only thing that saved the movie. Then there was Meow at the credits and it went into a little box so you couldn't even see it. What I am curious about is what happened to Tu Saala????? The music video wasn't included. I was so sad because that was one of the things pulling me to see this film and then it wasn't there!! So don't waste your time seeing this movie at all. It was boring, the acting was ehhhhh and it was ANNOYING!!

Wellllll my favorite song from the soundtrack is Tu Saala but I really like Meow and I thought the music video was really good. Its reported that Tha Kar Ke is the most expensive music video to be made in Bollywood so far, so that is quite impressive. It was full of shoot outs and flipping cars, and it was the most enjoyable thing in the film.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

First Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Promo

It looks good!! I am very curious to see Shah Rukh in his new avatar. Yash Raj released this promo before the music launch because Shah Rukh wanted to have this song promo come out on his birthday, which is today, November 2nd. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KING KHAN!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Diwali!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful diwali!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

New Find!!

I was at target looking in the makeup section and I found this: Aishwarya Rai Lipstick! I almost died. It's a beautiful shade of beige, and really makes you look bollywood.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Imran Khan...Kabir
Minissha Lamba...Sonia Raina
Sanjaay Dutt...Vikrant Raina

Kabir is a young boy who grew up in jail for a deed he did not mean to do. Sonia is the daughter of India's richest man, Vikrant Raina. She wants to see her father because her parents divorced a long time ago and the mother is not letting her go see him, so she leaves her house in a fit of anger and goes for a swim during which she gets kidnapped and wakes up in a locked house with Kabir. He kidnaped her and we do not know why he did it, he doesn't want any ransom, but starts playing mind games with Vikrant. We find out that Vikrant sent a young Kabir to prison accusing him of kidnaping Sonia, when he really was just taking his car to get his friend to the hospital. Finally everything is well again and Kabir makes Vikrant see his mistake in doing so and Sonia goes back to her parents.

I was really excited about this film because it is Imran Khan's second film and I absolutely loved him in Jaane Tu, and so I had a feeling it was going to be good. Also this is Minissha's second hit and I was curious to see how she performed with this new avatar. I thought they both did well in proving their versatility, but I felt the plot was a little weak. It was fine in the beginning, but towards the end it sort of died because they couldn't really maintain three hours of like 1 room. BUT, I did like the movie a lot even if it was a little dead because they filled the deadness with a lot of good action and little spasms of interest. BUT I WISH THEY FELL IN LOVE! Meaning Kabir and Sonia, like they almost did during the song Mausam, but it turns out it wasn't real and I was so disappointed because Imran was soooo beautiful and he really needed a heroine to love. So that was the biggest disappointment,  NO LOVE! But I enjoyed the film because it kept you entertained and you left with a good feeling. I would recommend watching this film because it was fun, even with the lacking plot. It will keep you entertained and you will love gazing at Imran for 3 hours :)

I really liked Mit Jaaye and Hey Ya because they are very dancey and have good beats. Mit Jaaye is Kabir's theme song, they showed it at the credits, but I wish they incorporated it into the film like they did with Hey Ya, Sonia's theme song. 

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Abhishek Bachchan...Aditya [Drona]
Priyanka Chopra...Sonia
Kay Kay Menon...Riz Raizada

Aditya grows up like a Cinderella, abused and lonely. One day Riz Raizada sees Aditya and immediately tries to have him killed because he knows its Drona. The legend of Drona is that he is to protect the elixir of life from the evil demons that are always trying to take it. So Aditya is clueless of this and when Riz tries to have him killed all of the people in Adi's life save him. He has an assistant, Sonia, who has been trained her whole life to help Drona and when she breaks this news to Adi he doesn't believe it. So when he comes to terms with this finally, he is whisked into the kingdom that his mother lives in, and then he goes on a quest to stop Riz from taking the elixir of life.

I was sooooo disappointed in this film. It was had no real plot at all, the acting was whatever, the special effects were lame, nothing had any depth in the film, not even the love story between Sonia and Drona. It was all so stupid. It was like a really bad remake of the Lord of the Rings or something, trying to do these stupid destiny fantasy things. I am glad that it was a flop because it wasn't deserving of being a hit. As much as I love Abhishek, I really didn't like the film. I know that he said it was going to be his best movie yet, and that is why I went saw it, but I was sorely disappointed. I mean it wasn't painful to sit through, and it kept you engaged for the length of the film, but on reflection and even when I was watching it I really didn't like it. They couldn't even provide us with some good item songs to keep us content. The music was really not good and not original. The villain, Riz, was a really bad character who was trying to provide comic relief from the ever serious and angry Drona, but the comedy was really lame and had no substance. So, I would not waste my 10 dollars watching this movie this movie again, and I would not recommend anyone else do the same.

I guess the best song in the movie was Oop Oop Cha, Priyanka's song. But I have to say that even this song is not that good.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Here is a deleted scene from our new favorite movie, BACHNA AE HASEENO!!! It's sooo cute, and sooo bachna!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Additions to Fall Films

So here are some added films that are coming out this fall and beginning of next year. Karzzzz is out on the 17th of October, EMI and Golmaal Returns are coming out the same day as Fashion, the 29th of October. In November, Dostana is still coming out on the 14th and Yuvvraaj is out on the 21st. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is out December 12th. Chandni Chowk To China is set for January 16th and Billo Barber is set for sometime January. Main Aur Mrs Khanna is scheduled for the 13th of February and Dilli 6 is scheduled for sometime in March.

Our review for Drona will be coming out tomorrow.

Here is a new song from Golmaal Returns

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Imtiaz Ali's New Film!!

This is so exciting, because not only was Jab We Met one of the best movies ever, but this new one is with Deepika Padukone, our new favorite actress!!!! The film also stars Saif Ali Khan, and is being shot in Delhi at the moment. We are so excited for this one to come out, because its already know that its going to be absolutely fabulous!!!! Heres what Imtiaz had to say about the film “It's a simple love story which unfolds on the streets of London - a story about relationships. Deepika’s character is practical and it can be called the girl-next-door. Her character's called Meera Pandit and Meera is very confident, contemporary but with values. The name Meera is universal but at the same time it’s sensitive and has something mystic about it. The film's the love story of Meera ( Deepika ) and Jai (Saif). This film's emotions are those of love and sacrifice."

Billo Barber

The new Shahrukh Khan and Priyadarshan's new film has been postponed till 2009 because it is going back to the editing room. So, we will have to wait to see SRK back with Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi on December 12th. Does it have to do with the ongoing feud with Salman, and possibly Salman's anger with Red Chillies doing the special effects for his new film Yuvvraaj?? Anyways we are SUPER sad about it being postponed, but Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is going to be AMAZING! And its said to have a 12 minute item song with Rani, Priyanka, Kajol and Preity!!! It can't possibly get better then that!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fall Films!

There are a bunch of new films releasing in the next few months. In October, Kidnap and Drona are both releasing on the 2nd, Fashion on the 17th, Billo Barber and Roadside Romeo on the 24th. Dostana, Karan Johar's new film, is coming out November 14th, and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is coming out on the 12th of December. So there is a lot to look forward to this autumn!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Bachna Ae Haseeno

Raj...Ranbir Kapoor
Gayatri... Deepika Padukone
Radhika....Bipasha Basu
Mahi...Minissha Lamba

Raj is just out of school and on a tour of Europe with his 3 friends. They are sad because they haven't met any cute girls on the trip and its almost over. Then he meets a girl on the train who is obsessed with DDLJ and is dying to meet her Raj. So Raj pretends to miss the train and takes her to Zurich on a rental scooter. They fall in "love" and when they get to the Zurich airport Mahi's father tells Raj that he has to visit their home in Amritsar. Raj walks over to his friends and starts telling them about what a Killer he is because he totally just convinced a girl that he loved her, she's standing behind him when he is telling his friends and her heart is broken. The next affair he has is a couple of years later where he has a live in girlfriend, Radhika, who leaves at the wedding alter because he doesn't want to get married, and moves to Sydney. He meets a taxi driver in Sydney one night, Gayatri, and falls in love with her. They start to have a relationship and he asks her to marry him but she refuses. He realizes what he has done to the two other girls by breaking their hearts and goes to repair the wounds he left open. The first is Mahi who's heart has turned to stone and who does not even see that her husband loves her immensely. Raj convinces her that her husband is her Raj from DDLJ and that he never was that for her. Radhika becomes a big bitchy Bollywood star diva who is mean to everyone and so she makes Raj become her P.A. in order for her to forgive him. She softens and forgives. When he gets back to Sydney he see Gayatri has been writing him letters everyday and so he goes and finds her and she tells him that she loves him and she's sorry.

This film was SO GOOD! I loved loved loved Ranbir Kapoor in it! He was such a killer!! Minissha Lamba was really good too, it was the first film I have seen her in and I was impressed with her acting. Deepika was FABULOUS. Bipasha was very good and played her part very well. I did not think that she looked too old for Ranbir at all, and I thought they looked great together. Not only was the acting good, but the plot line was so emotional and fun and energetic! I thought this film really was a taste of new and young Bollywood. I simply cannot wait to see more films with the new wave of young and energetic actors and actresses! I didn't want the film to end because it was just so light hearted and lovey! I would definitely recommend going to see this film to any type of Bollywood fan. It is a quintessential Bollywood! All about LOVE LOVE LOVE! The wardrobe was really nice, I especially loved Raj's outfits, he was very well dressed, and I loved Mahi's pants in the Europe portion. I thought this film lived up to all it's hype and that it was definitely worth any filmi fans time!

Where do I start with the music?!! I absolutely LOVE this soundtrack. Every single song is sooooooooo catchy and fun and just really good! I think the best two are Ahista Ahista and Khuda Jaane. Both of these music videos just are so haunting and just make you want to fall in love! Here is a clip from Ahista Ahista, and in previous posts there is a clip of Khuda Jaane.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


So I just saw Tashan yesterday! I can't believe it took me SO long to actually see it. I was expecting much worse since it was such a big flop, but I always love Kareena Kapoor, so I thought it was a fun film, but don't go out of your way to see it. I am not writing a formal review on this film yet because I just haven't had the time! But the review for Bachna Ae Haseeno should be up tomorrow! I really loved the music from Tashan and I can't decide if I like Falak Tak or Chhaliya better, but heres a taste of Falak!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Singh is Kinng Review

Akshay Kumar... Happy Singh
Katrina Kaif... Sonia

Happy Singh is a silly and clumsy villager in Punjab who has never seen any thing but his village. The other villagers convince him to go fetch his drug lord cousin in Austrilia to come see his father, but his tickets get mixed up with someone's and he is sent to Egypt. He meets Sonia there and imediatly falls in love. When his flight is fixed to go back to Australia he leaves reluctantly. When he goes to meet his cousin, the King, he is refused by the gang and goes to sleep on the street. He meets a woman who owns a flower shop and she takes him in as her own. Happy is determined to make his cousin come home, so he goes to their yacht and while he is there there is a shoot out and the King is paralyzed. His gang thinks that he choose Happy to replace him while he was recovering. So Happy becomes the King and he starts turing the gang members into good  people. His friend from the flower shop's daughter is going to come and she still thinks her mother is wealthy, so Happy lets her pretend to stay at his mansion while her daughter and fiance come to visit. The daughter turns out to be Sonia, from Egypt and Happy is heartbroken. They slowly fall in love while she is visiting and end up getting married instead.

 I thought this film was fun to watch, but I had higher expectations. Katrina Kaif and Akshay Kumar are GREAT together, and really bring a lot of chemistry to the film. I thought the plot was a little weak but it was funny and everyone was really good at their comic timing. I enjoyed the songs ALOT!! and really added to the film. I thought Katrina Kaif's clothes were SUPER FAB! and I just loved the whole Egypt scene entirely. I would not say this was the best film of the summer but it was very fun to watch and I would defiantly recommend watching it if you feel like a hilarious film. 

Teri Ore was by far the best song in the film! It was so sweet and was a true love song. But I can't forget the Snoop Dogg song at the credits, Singh is Kinng! 

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bachna Ae Haseeno and Singh is Kinng

Are coming out very soon!! August 8th for Singh is Kinng and August 15th for Bachna Ae Haseeno! But I am sooo excited about Bachna Ae Haseeno, not only is the music SO GOOD! but I really cannot wait to see Ranbir and Deepika working togeather, its just going to be amazing!! SOOOO EXCITING!! I can't wait, and am deffinetly going to see at the theaters. I will be posting the dates on our facebook group!

Now have a listen for yourself and get pumped about Bachna Ae Haseeno!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Imran Khan...Jai
Genelia D'Souza...Aditi

There is a group of friends in college, Jai and Aditi and two of the group. They are best friends and always with each other, nothing seemed to be able to get them to stop thinking about each other. Everyone assumed that they were completely in love with each other, but when confronted about marriage after their graduation, both a very surprised and deny any love interest. So they plan to find their dream boy/girl for each other. Jai finds a nice girl that he falls in love with, so they become boyfriend and girlfriend and Aditi starts to get jealous of Jai's girlfriend because she feels like they haven't spent anytime together like they used to back in college. Quite a while goes by and Jai and Aditi drift apart and are not that good of friends anymore. Aditi gets engaged to her parent's friend's son who seems like the perfect guy for her. She and her fiance meet Jai and his girlfriend at one of their friends birthday parties. Jai cannot take his eyes off of Aditi and becomes extremely jealous and is realizing that he really does love Aditi. Aditi's fiance notices how they can't take their eyes off of each other and demands to know if Aditi really loves Jai and she says yes, he beats her and she is left alone. Jai tells his girlfriend that he actually loves Aditi and not her. Aditi is about to leave for America and Jai comes running to her in the airport and proclaims his love. They get married and its all very sweet.

I was very skeptical about this film because I knew it was just a launching pad for Imran Khan, Aamir Khan's nephew. But, I was sooooo impressed with the film. Not only is Imran and FABULOUS actor who's career is really going to go places, but the story was just soooo sweet and cute and perfect! It was not too intense or emotion, but there still was a good amount and I just really loved seeing these new, fresh faces on the big screen. I thought the music was fun and I just think the whole film was fun. I would DEFINITELY recommend this film because it was really a feel good movie and top quality bollywood. I think my favorite scene was when they were both at the party just staring at each other and you really could feel the intensity of their gazes and it was heart wrenching! I LOVED IT! I was just so so impressed with Imran's acting, he is really really good and really cute! I really am looking forward to seeing many more films with him in them. I also really liked Genelia D'Souza who played Aditi, I though she was really cute and FULL of spirit and fun. I hadn't heard about at all before the film, and I am curious if she will go far with her career. I think she has the potential and I really do think she should go far. So overall I completely loved this movie, and what made it so much better was that I was not expecting it to be so fun! That always seems to happen, when you don't spend much thought on a film and then you see it, its usually MINDBLOWING!

Well, I honestly loved all the songs! The music started right in the beginning was was totally consistent throughout the film which was very nice and fun! I think my favorite songs were Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagi and Pappu Can't Dance.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tell me

Does anyone else hear the similarity between Tarkan's Dudu and Dhoom 2's Touch me? Have a listen for yourself.

Tarkan's Dudu

Dhoom 2's Touch Me

Saturday, July 19, 2008


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Kismat Konnection Review

Shahid Kapoor... Raj Malhotra
Vidya Balan...Priya

Raj was the most successful in his college, but in the real world he can't seem to make it. He has the worst luck and can't find out why. Priya crosses his path three times and each time ends up in an argument. Raj goes to a physic and she tells him that if he finds his lucky charm, everything will change, including his job situation. He realizes that Priya is his lucky charm after reflecting on all of there meetings. They run into each other again and he arranges a coffee date and they become friends. Priya is the main coordinator of the Community Center in Toronto, the same center that the company Raj is trying to get a job with as an architect for their new mall, is planning to tear it down for the mall. As Raj realizes the if he has Priya with him, he will get the job. So he promises her that he will save the community center if she comes to the interview with him. So he gets the job, but never makes plans of saving the center. Raj and Priya fall in love and he feels terrible about the lies he has told his love. She finds out about them before he is able to tell her himself, and so she figures that he is untrustworthy and both are heart broken. He goes to the proposal meeting and changes everything with his plans, including keeping the community center along with the new mall, everyone scorns him, but Priya walks in and once again his luck changes and everyone is happy with the plan. So Raj and Pryia are happy after all.

I thought this movie was really fun. It was my first Bollywood on the big screen so that made it 10 times better. Shahid was beautiful as usual and I thought the music was really good. It could have used like 1 more number in the beginning because the first half was a little low with the music. The only thing I couldn't stand about the film was VIDYA!! She is a horrible actress and isn't even pretty. She can't cry, she can't dance, she's always bitchy, and she's stupid. I don't understand how she is even popular, she totally should be a z lister. But since Shahid was the real star of the film is was great! I would defiantly recommend this film to anyone who is a Shahid fan because there is plenty of great dancing and it shows he is still is just as good as he was in Jab We Met. It was a fun and light film and I really enjoyed watching it! 

I think the best songs in the film were Aai Paapi (Tu Hai Meri Soniye) and Bakhuda Tumhi Ho. Although the Move Your Body in the credits was great too.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kismat Konnection

Tomorrow is the opening day of Kismat Konnection! Starring Shahid Kapoor and Vidya Balan. A cinema is actually going to be playing it near me! I think this one is going to be good, Shahid's first since Jab We Met, and from what we know from the plot it's full of promises! A review will be coming after I see it tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dhoom 2

Hrithik Roshan...Aryan 
Aishwarya Rai...Sunehri
Abhishek Bachchan...A.C.P. Jai Dixit
Uday Chopra...Ali Khan
Bipasha Basu...A.C.P. Sonali Bose/Monali Bose

There is a theft who has been able to escape the police for years, stealing only the most valuable things in the world. A.C.P. Jai Dixit and Sonali Bose are determined to find this theft, but the problem is the theft know as "A" is a master of disguise. After an attempt to capture him in Mumbai, Sonali resigns, and so Jai sends an ex theft, Sunehri, as an undercover agent to try and get in with "A". Sunehri convinces "A" to let her be his sidekick. Slowly he starts trusting her and revails his name to her: Aryan. They go off to Brazil to steal the first coins ever made by man, Sunehri informs Jai and his partner Ali, who follow them to Brazil and stay with Sonali's sister Monali. Ali and Monali fall in love and they both are the comic relief of the film. But before you know it Aryan and Sunehri are really both falling in love with each other. They steal the coins and it is a crazy chase between both Sunehri and Aryan and Jai and Ali. Before they stole the coins Aryan found out that Sunehri had been working for the police and she promises to stay true to her love, Aryan, then to the police. But Jai and Ali don't know this. The chase ends at a waterfall and Jai has Aryan at gunpoint and arresting him. Sunehri shows up and shoots Aryan. Jai is shocked and believes that Aryan is dead and so he leaves Sunehri. Then you see both Aryan and Sunehri on an island with their own restaurant six months later. Jai walks in and both thefts believe they are gonners, but Jai spares them as long as they never steal again. 

I was soo shocked when I saw the film, I was expecting something mediocre and way too many motorcycle chases like the first Dhoom, but I was wrong. This movie was soooooooo good!!! I loved the cast, they were perfect and the story was fun. I think what made Dhoom 2 SO much better then Dhoom was because there was a love story woven into the plot. Dhoom was so surface level and nothing really happened, but in Dhoom 2 the love story was so good because they actually focused on it and it was between the characters that were the best. I love how it actually worked out in the end too because I was so sad and heart broken when she shot him at the waterfall. I would probably not recommend this film to fist time Bollywood watchers, you probably would be really questioning my judgment, but if you are an aged fan then I'm sure you will enjoy this film for the all star cast and the QUALITY love story. 

I LOVE ALL THE SONGS!!!! But defiantly the favorite was Dil Laga Na and Touch me.

Jab We Met

Kareena Kapoor...Geet
Shahid Kapoor...Aditya

Aditya is the son of the most wealthy businessman in all of India. He has to take over the company because his father died. Since he inherited it, there has been constant loss and his girlfriend is getting married to someone else. Aditya is at his all time low. He leaves town on a train and happens to meet Geet on the train. They both get left behind at a stop and end up traveling together to Geet's home. Geet is a fun and spirited girl who talks nonstop and is planning to elope with her boyfriend. Aditya because a new person because of Geet, he no longer is depressed and self pitying, but positive and happy. When Geet leaves him to go meet up with her boyfriend Aditya goes back to his life and improves everything with his company, all because of Geet. He realizes that he truly loves Geet, but he is happy for her new life. Suddenly Geet's parents come to Aditya, assuming that she ran away with him, saying that they have not heard from her for months. Aditya promises to bring Geet home and doesn't tell them that him and Geet are not married. He goes to find her at her boyfriends hotel, but the boyfriend tells Aditya that he didn't ever want to elope with Geet, and so he sent her away. Aditya is furious and finds Geet living in a convent school. He tells her that she needs to see her family and that she needs to get out of depression because her boyfriend was stupid anyways. Geet knows that Aditya loves her, but she is confused with her feelings. Suddenly her boyfriend calls and begs her to come back to him. So she does and they all go off to the parents house. The whole family thinks Geet and Aditya are married, so they have a huge celebration waiting for them. Neither Geet nor Aditya tell the family what mistake has been made and  that she is actually marrying her boyfriend. The boyfriend is angry and tells Geet she must tell the family of the mistake and while he is telling her this she realizes that Aditya is who she loves, so they don't tell the family and get married.

This movie was amazing!! Not only were Shahid and Kareena sooooo cute and fabulous in it, but the music and plot were genius. I loved Geet, she was so fun and you could connect to her and Aditya was so kind and loved Geet so much that you couldn't help liking him. I really did not know what was going to happen with their relationship, and when the boyfriend came back for Geet, I was shocked. The twist was absolutely amazing because it was heart-wrenching and defiantly unexpected. I could watch this film over and over and never get tired of it. I think the music really plays a HUGE part in how good the film is, it just keeps you hooked and its fun. I think what's nice about this film is that there is no huge drama, it's just people that you can actually see in real life and I think it was key that they did not over do the love between Geet and Aditya. As the audience you knew that there was love there, but it was a friendship too and that's what made it so cute! And I ADORED Kareena's wardrobe. The harem pants were PERFECT! I am pretty sure that the lovely Manish Malhotra did her wardrobe for the film.

Well, I have the whole soundtrack because I love it so much, but I would have to say the very best songs are Ye Ishq Hai and Mauja Mauja.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Unforgettable Tour

I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!! The Unforgettable Tour is coming to Los Angeles on July 26th and I am going! It's going to be more then just UNFORGETTABLE!!! The Bachchans, Preity Zinta, Madhuri Dixit + more!! This is the biggest Bollywood tour yet, starting in Toronto with Akshay Kumar then making its way all over Canada and the United States and finishing in London with Shilpa Shetty at the final performances. Bipasha Basu was originally going to come and I wish she still was, that would have been amazing, but still! I can hardly wait for this beautiful thing to occur! 


So, I've finally updated the tops list because I think its about time for some new comers. I've gotten rid of Rangeela and KANK because I've seen some pretty good films lately and I think they need some glory too. 

Jab We Met is number two now because I absolutely love it! Every time I watch it, it gets better and better, Kareena and Shahid are soooo brilliant in it! 

Chori Chori Chupke Chupke has been moved to number three because I just love Dhoom 2 and it's all star cast. CCCC is still secretly the best, but I'm just lovin Dhoom 2 now. 

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Umrao Jaan

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan...Umrao Jaan
Abhishek Bachchan... Nawab Sultan Khan

A young girl is kidnapped by her father's enemy and sold to a brothel in Lucknow, they rename her Umrao Jaan and start training her to become a very skilled dancer, singer, poet and courtesan. Her first performance is for a wedding and she locks eyes with Nawab Sultan Khan. He becomes her regular client and they fall in love. She promises to be faithful and so does he, but he promises her that the second she is unfaithful he will be too. Sultan's father hears of their love and disowns him, forcing the Sultan to be homeless and not able to afford visits to Umrao. He goes away to start making a living somewhere else and promises to come back. Umrao is forced to do her job as a courtesan, and thus is unfaithful. When she goes with one of her employers to the town Sultan is staying in, the other Nawab she was with turns out to be a fake and is arrested, he tells Sultan that he has been with Umrao, Sultan believes him and leaves Umrao forever. She is lost and desperate so she goes back to Lucknow to continue working, but the British come and the brothel is forced to relocate. They end up in Umrao's old village and she finds that she is disowned and a disgrace to her family and so she is left on her own once again to make a living and survive.

This was sooooooooooooo good. Aishwarya was brilliant and the dancing was just beautiful. I enjoyed all of the songs and I think the story was really well written. I was sad that Umrao's life never got to be what she wanted it to be, and I thought Abhishek's character was snobby, but he did a wonderful job of playing it. Aishwarya's clothes were so gorgeous and looked even better when she was dancing. I thought it was interesting that the story was not more focused on the love story between the Nawab and Umrao, but rather on her whole life. I mean it was really focused on their love and that was the bulk of the movie, but I didn't know the Nawab's character and so he seemed more distant. I think they were trying to focus in on Umrao's feelings and beliefs that got her through that traumatic love and I really liked that approach. I would definitely recommend this movie to any Bollywood fan, but I think it is a bit more sophisticated then your typical bollywood love story and it is not nearly as light hearted. I didn't mind that it was a period piece and I actually thought it really worked with this.

I think the best song in this whole film was 'Salaam' this the song Umrao sung for her first performance where she met the Nawab.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Regarding our FAVORITE person, Maya Arulpragasam, I have now found out what the meaning of Kala is. Of course this was her mother's name, but Kala also means "art" in Hindi! How romantic!

Bride and Prejudice

Aishwarya Rai...Lalita Bakshi

Okay Okay I know this is not true Bollywood, but its Ash, one has to just love anything she's in. 
It's the "Bollywood" version of Pride and Prejudice, even though its really British.

I enjoyed this movie to an extent. I was not very impressed with the the songs, but I thought Ash was really really good in it. I heard that Kareena Kapoor was asked to do the role, but she turned it down, in reality I think she would be a better actress for this part because she is much more stubborn and outgoing then Ash ever really comes across as. She always seems much more modest and traditional then Kareena, but never the less Ash was great and we all love her very much.


Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

Rani Mukherjee...Maya
Shahrukh Khan...Dev
Preity Zinta...Riya
Abhishek Bachchan...Rishi

Dev is a professional football player who is married to Riya, the head of a major fashion magazine. One day Dev goes to a wedding to pick up his mother and finds Maya, the bride, sitting and crying out in the garden. He asks her whats wrong and she tells him that she doesn't truly love her husband, he is just a friend. Dev tells her that he feels the same about his marriage, but its all the best for her to get married even if she dosnt love him. As Dev is walking away from the house he is hit by a car and his leg is seriously injured, he can never play football again. It flashes forward a couple of years and he meets Maya again and they become very good friends. They both have problems in their marriage and talk about it with eachother, but soon they fall in love with eachother and have an affair. This tears apart both of their marriages and they decide never to see eachother again. After 3 years they find out that they both got divorced and finally get back together.

What can I say about this movie? It is just wayyy to amazing. SRK, Rani, Preity, and Baby B were all at their finest! The acting was incredible and you just can't hold back the tears. The plot was so through and wonderfully that it made the viewer really get emotionally involved in these relationships and their issues. Rani and Preity are so beautiful, and I think this is the best movie Preity has been in throughout her acting carrier. I am so disappointed that her acting carrier is slowing down because she really showed her potential in this film. This is in the top 5 movies FOR SURE. I think if anyone ever wants to get into Bollywood, all they will have to do is watch this film and they will be converted forever. It is truly a masterpiece. 

I guess my favorite songs are 'Where's the party tonight' and 'Mitwa'.

Lagaan: Once Upon a TIme in India

Aamir Khan...Bhuvan

A village that is under the rule of British Colonists are being forced to pay double grain tax to them even though there is a drought. They want to fight this and the only way to win is to have a cricket match between the colonists and the villagers. 

This was a great film, it showed the beauty of India and the dancing was just great. They portrayed the Colonists and horrible stuck up power hungry men, and it really made you hate them. The only complaint I have was the relationship between the British girl and Bhuvan, I thought she was terribly annoying and spoiled. She was doing a good thing by helping out the villagers, but I still didn't like her. So I was very glad that in the end Bhuvan didn't fall for her and stuck with Gauri who was cute and could actually sing.

The song between Gauri and Bhuvan expressing their love for eachother was soooo good until the stupid british girl started singing like really grossly and totally ruined the song.


Rahul Khanna...Rahul
Lisa Ray...Sue

The son of a wealthy family is engaged to a American girl who ups and dies in a freak accident. He cannot get over the death and his sister is soon to be married, but his mother will not allow the sister's wedding to go on unless he brings home an Indian girl. He cannot find one until he goes to a bar one day and sees a girl that looks Indian and asks if he can hire her to pretend to be Indian and his girlfriend until the wedding is over. She accepts and attends the wedding with him, the family is very pleased and the girl turns out to really be Indian and then they actually do fall in love.

I thought this was not even worthy of being called a Bollywood film. It was sooooo horrible, the songs were bad, and it was just a really lame plot. I don't think anyone should have to be put through watching this movie, and I hope no one else will. I am mad that I wasted my time with it and wished I could be watching something else. I think I might even go as far as saying this was the worst movie I have seen in a long time. I am not even going to mention the songs because they really were nothing and not worth discussing. 

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Shahrukh Khan...Rahul
Rani Mukherjee...Tina

Rahul and Anjali are best friends in college who are inseperable. Anjali realizes she is in love with Rahul, but as soon as she is about to tell him so, a new girl comes, Tina. Tina is super beautiful and Rahul falls completely in love with her, and they soon get married. Anjali is deeply hurt, she leaves and breaks her connections with her two friends. Meanwhile Rahul and Tina have a child together and name her Anjali. Tina dies when Anjali is young and Rahul has never gotten over it. Tina wrote a letter for Anjali for each of her birthdays that she knew she would not be at. When Anjali reads her eighth and final letter from her mother, it tells the story of Rahul and Anjali and how they were really desitined to be together and tells little Anjali that it is her duty to get them back together. Anjali finds out that big Anjali works at a summer camp and so she leaves with her grandmother to it. Rahul is very upset that they left him and goes to the summer camp to bring them back home when he meets his old friend Anjali. The film follows their love as it develops over the summer, and they end up together.

SRK was fabulous in this one, him and Kajol really were great together throughout the whole film. I do wish there was more Rani in the film, but I think it was good that they focused on Rahul and Anjali's relationship more. The first half with the college was SOOOO good, I loved all the dancing, and Anjali's jealousy was really fun. The second half with the camp was good, but I thought it was too sentimental with all the children, and Kajol and SRK were a little too silly. But for a comedy this was really top notch, even though i am more a fan of the tear jerkers this definitely had its moments and was fun to watch.

Defiantly Kuch Kuch Hota Hai


Urmila Matondkar...Mili
Aamir Khan...Munna
Jackie Shroff...Raj

A young girl, Mili, dreams of being a famous Bollywood actress and finally gets her big break. But she soon becomes so involved with the fabulous life of the wealthy that she soon forgets her old life and good friend Munna. Munna realizes that he is in love with Mili but she is falling for, Raj, her fellow actor in her film Rangeela. Munna becomes depressed and runs away, leaving Mili in a state of distress which makes her realize that she too is in love with Munna.

This was one of the first Bollywood films I had seen and it instantly sparked my interest. The dance scenes are fabulous, and so is the singing. This movie is really a Bollywood classic, and a must watch! I really enjoyed how they focused on Munna's pain and how Mili was being absorbed in her new career and how it effected the ones she loved. This movie is a true Bollywood!

The first dance sequence is amazing, Mili is dreaming of being famous and the song is really great. 'Rangeela Re'


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