Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kambakkht Ishq

Kareena Kapoor-Simrita Rai
Akshay Kumar- Viraj Shergill

Simrita is a "man hating" doctor and part time supermodel, while Viraj is a famous stuntman in Hollywood. Both of their best friends fall in love and get married, leaving their friends behind to grumble about how completely ridiculous love is. When Simrita and Viraj meet, it becomes an immediate battle of the sexes and they vow to mess up each other's love lives. Simrita schemes to woo Viraj, and then drop him flat to make him see how men are horrible and so is love, while Viraj is simultaneously planning the same demise for Simrita. So they each go about their wooing and eventually fall in love with each other, of course, after a serious of mishaps and typical bollywood "comedy".

Basically I found this film rather offensive and completely unoriginal. The plot was bland and random, and I felt slightly embarrassed for the actors because they were apart of this film. I think the reason I disliked this film so much was because I came into with high hopes of a good Kareena-Akshay romantic, yet silly film, but those hopes were squashed when I saw the first scene. Basically it stereotyped every single kind of person and did it very untactful manner at that. I hated the horrible Hollywood guest appearances like Denise Richards and Sylvester Stallone whose acting skills had been reduced to those of a five year olds. The one thing I liked about this movie was the style of it. The clothes were great, both Kareena and Akshay were dressed impeccably, and all of the sets were very nice and very Los Angeles. I would not recommend this film, because at the end of it, you will deeply regret the loss those 3 hours, and be disgusted to a point that you will be sorely sickened with your choice of film, just as I had been.

What gave this film it's much needed hype was the soundtrack, its amazing! This is the only redeeming quality of this film. I absolutely love most of the music and would definitely recommend getting the soundtrack, even if you don't watch the film. My favorite song from the film was by far Bebo! It has such a good beat and its just a really fun song. Here is the music video from Kambakkht Ishq.

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